What Everyone Ought to Know About Baja California

Location: Las Gaviotas, Baja California, Mexico

Only a train and a trolley away from Los Angeles lies the most secluded surf spot in Baja California, Mexico – Las Gaviotas. This private community hosts plenty of rentals through Airbnb, which is where we found this little gem, and is conveniently located between Rosarito and Ensenada. For a truly unique experience try using the local bus (it’s ONLY $1 DOLLAR) to travel between each city.

{LANGUAGE TIP: Brush up on your basic Spanish with the Duolingo app! The locals are very accommodating with beginners and most speak some English if you are still learning.}

Gated Surf Community in Las Gaviotas, Baja California, Mexico

Once you reach San Diego, whether by train or car, you can grab the trolley ($2.50 one way) directly to San Ysidro and walk across the border into Tijuana (don’t forget your passport). If you feel daring and want to drive your car into TJ be sure to confirm with your Airbnb hosts about parking within the gated community. Immediately after crossing the border you’ll be bombarded by cab drivers whom you can haggle with to get a cheap fare to wherever you’re going. In this case we paid $30 for an hour long drive.

Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico

There’s only a hand full of restaurants and bars within walking distance of Las Gaviotas. Our absolute favorite was an unusual find in this area and located directly across the street (LITERALLY!) from the community called Bleu Gallery.  French-owned, offering local farm to table dishes, this quaint breakfast and tapas restaurant is an eatery you’ll never forget. Just look for the white building with blue shutters and be sure to note they close early and are not open daily.

Ricotta toast with smoked salmon and blueberry reduction – Bleu Gallery Cafe

In the town just South of Las Gaviatos, Puerto Nuevo, you’ll find an overabundance of lobster cuisine, outdoor seating and margaritas! However, the local street tacos are by far my favorite option for daily snacking. Within the surf community we stayed they offered a local vendor who made the BEST ceviche and fish tacos I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating. What better way to spend a vacation then to relax by the beach watching surfers and eating fresh, made to order, Baja tacos!


If you’re up for a bit of action head over to Rosarito or Ensenada for more of a bar and club scene. The beaches in Rosarito are extremely fun! You can rent chairs or cabanas anywhere on the beach and a server will come to you for food and drink orders.

{TIP: WEAR SHOES AT ALL TIMES WHEN WALKING ON THE BEACH! They DO NOT pick up trash and there are glass bottles hidden EVERYWHERE in the sand. I almost stepped right on a broken bottle, which would have been painful and bloody af!}

Ensenada wasn’t as worth it to me in my opinion. The beach was WAY overcrowded and impossible to find somewhere to lay out and chill. You can rent four-wheelers and dirt bikes to zoom around on, but there’s not a lot to see other than the beach and a group of well known bars, such as Senor Frogs.

For all your other chillaxing needs, grab your swimsuit, surfboard, some tequila, fresh limes, your friends and significant others for an affordable adventure hideaway.


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