The 10 Best Travel Apps to Plan Your Next Vacation

Waikiki Beach – Honolulu, Hawaii

It goes without saying that if you’re thinking about doing something, there’s probably an app to assist you. If you’re anything like me, let’s face it I’m an early millennial, then you probably do everything from your phone. I’ve done countless hours of research and planning to ensure that I’m getting the best price on all my travel needs. Here’s where I let you in on my secrets and give you a full list of my favorite travel apps to assist you in all your travel planning and adventures.

Mount Maunganui – North Island, New Zealand

1: Flights

We can all admit that this is by far the hardest part of travelling. Believe me, I know, because I wasted years of my life NOT travelling due to the cost of airfare and accommodations. Well not anymore! Heres where I search to find all the best deals on flights…– The great thing about Expedia is their discounts on hotels after booking a flight. After comparing prices on multiple apps and travel sites, Expedia has given me the best rates and flight options for a majority of my travels.

Hopper – Solely an app for your phone, this little beauty will allow you to search travel dates, save your searches and be notified when you should book to get the cheapest rates! Be mindful that these cheap prices come with another cost…your time! You can exclude multiple stops in your search, but be extra careful when looking at the flight options they provide.

Travel Pirates – Another fantastic research tool I’ve found useful! If you monitor it on the regular they offer great travel deals and packages to various locations all over the world. They’re prices aren’t always 100% accurate, because the prices fluctuate regularly; however, it’s still a great resource to find cheap travel deals.

Mama Shelter Boutique Hotel – Hollywood, California

2: Accommodations

We all love to be pampered, so choosing your hotel or place of rest during your world travels should be at its finest. No exceptions! Regardless of whether or not you are on a budget or can afford the most luxurious hotels there’s something for everyone in the following recommendations. – I’ve found this to be extremely helpful when you want to keep your options open. On this app you don’t have to pay for your booking until you check in. I’ve also found fantastic off-the-map suggestions for places a bit more remote, such as bungalows in Koh Yao Noi, Thailand.

Airbnb – One of my favorite choices in finding a suitable place to stay all over the world. There’s various price options, multiple locations around every city and some hosts go the extra mile in providing a full travel guide for the city and/or area you are visiting.

Hostelworld – Hostels are not as scary as some people may think! For anyone on a cheap to mid-range budget you can find shared rooms or private rooms within a hostel. Most are accommodating to working professionals and provide free wifi and even breakfast with their rates. I always check my options, but this is one of my top choices in searching for a place to stay during my travels.

Hotel Tonight – My final recommendation (saving the best for last!) is an app that gives you tremendous deals on 5 star hotels! You can guess where the deals come from by the name, because the deals get cheaper until the day/or night of. So don’t worry too much if you don’t like to plan, because you are actually encouraged to book spontaneously through this app.

Bungee America: Bridge to Nowhere – Azusa, California

3: Planning

TripIt – For the ultimate organizer this is THE travel app to assist you in all your travel goals. This nifty little app takes any confirmation email from your email account (gmail, yahoo, outlook, etc) and imports the information into ONE itinerary for your trips. If you travel a lot, then this is quite a handy tool to organize your schedule. It’s free and will import all of your information from your email’s inbox making it super simple for you.

InRoute – This app can be quite useful if you are travelling to multiple cities or going on a road trip. You can save and route multiple cities and addresses to your trip and this app will give you an overview of your entire schedule as viewed from a map.

Sukhumvit District – Bangkok, Thailand

4: Language Tutorial

Before every trip, especially to a new country, I like to brush up on some of the local jargon. For an easy way to translate on the go, download the Google Translate app and be sure to download the language you need ahead of time to have access offline (no service or wifi needed! Score!).

Duolingo – Another fantastic tool that you can use anytime on your phone or online to brush up on various languages is Duolingo. They offer multiple language tutorials for FREE based on their amazing algorithm. Be sure to check it out and be amazed!

Old Town – Zurich, Switzerland

5: Learning The City

Google Maps (download city map for offline use & save all the places you want to visit to easily access your itinerary).

It might seem silly, but if all else fails prep yourself with a screenshot of a physical map of the city map on your phone for offline use.

Zurich to Milan via the Bernina Express

6: Traveling From City to City

Uber – Not always the most affordable, but MOST countries do have it and it’s easy to use.

Rome2Rio – Giving you all of the options via public transit, trains, flights and bus for your best route (and options for decent fares).

BlaBlaCar – Widely used around Europe as a ride sharing/Carpool service.

Bondi Beach – Sydney, Australia

7: Communication

Whatsapp – If you don’t have this app and you travel internationally, then I highly recommend you get it. You can keep your original phone number through this app and text or call anyone around the world while using it. It can be a bit spotty when you’re travelling, but overall it’s my number one of communication while I’m out seeing the world.

Sim card – Forget international plans through your carrier! Just buy a Sim Card in the airport of wherever you land. TRUST ME it will save you a fortune. FYI Vodaphone is the BEST carrier to get in most international countries.

Facebook messenger – If you choose to stick with WIFI only then you can always communicate with your friends and family through the good old book of face. It’s free and works when you are connected to wifi (if you don’t have a local sim card).

London, England

8: Additional Travel Hacks & Apps

Currency app – VERY HELPFUL if you can’t convert currency exchanges off the top of your head (let’s be real no one can do this)!

Vaccine app – If you travel a lot like me, then you need something to keep track of your vaccines. Certain countries do require various vaccines before entering the country, so it can help to keep all of your records in one central location.

It’s always a good point to make copies of your passport in case it gets stolen AND be careful of scammers and hagglers!

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